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Oceanic Pro Plus 3.0 Dive Computer


Oceanic Pro Plus 3.0 Dive Computer

$ 729.95

Brand: Oceanic

Publisher: Oceanic

Details: Oceanic Pro Plus 3.0 Dive Computer Critical data should be delivered quickly and visibly, which is why the Oceanic Pro Plus 3.0 Dive Computer has been designed to offer a large display area that portrays the information you need in supersized digits. The legibility of crucial data is greatly enhanced over what is produced by other models. You'll be impressed not only with the larger display area but also with the intuitive user interface that has been improved over earlier versions, enhancing important features that you need while diving. Upon startup, your dive computer displays your current depth, cylinder pressure, and the length of time you can remain at that location. It delivers reliable performance and sturdy construction just like all of Oceanic's other styles.The Oceanic Pro Plus 3.0 Dive Computer is an incredible choice for many reasons. It includes each of the following key components and features: Easy-to-read display Water or push-button activation Patented air time remaining algorithm that portrays information on your personal air consumption and accurate time analysis based upon your current depth Custom alarms (audible) High O2 warning alarm High PO2 warning alarm Oxygen loading bar graph Nitrogen tissue loading bar graph Deep stop Adjustable safety stop settings, including automatic prompt Dual algorithm SmartGlo backlighting OceanGlo backlight (push button activation) Quick disconnect 3 gases Automatic altitude adjustment Calculated desaturation countdown Salt water and fresh water calibrations Pre-dive planning sequence Data retention capability, which remains in place even when the battery is being replaced Diver replaceable batteries 24-dive log capacity Operating manual Review card Optional OceanLog PC download (up to 150 dives) Optional OceanLog PC settings upload Warranty

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