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Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BCD


Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BCD

$ 328.06

Brand: Zeagle


  • Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BCD:
  • Ultra Light Weight, Super Compact Traveling BCD
  • Packs-Up Amazingly Small
  • Back Inflation Design
  • Lift Capacities: 24 lbs (10.89 kg)

Publisher: Zeagle

Details: The Express Tech Deluxe Back Inflator BCD is an Ultra Light Weight, Super Compact Traveling BC Pack with features never before found in a rig this small. The unique Back Plate is Reinforced with a Polymer material that gives the support needed and the flex desired for a comfortable fit. The system comes standard with a 24 lbs (10.89 kg) Compact Bladder with Elastic Retractors to keep its' Profile Small. Two sets of Center Plate Grommets allow for attaching Twin Cylinder Assemblies via the bolt and nut arrangement that most tech systems use. BCD is equipped with Dual Rear Pull Dump Valves and Zeagle's Bx Power Inflator. The Bx Inflator is unique in its design. Rinsing the Internal Bladder completely after every day of diving is important to the life of the Bladder. The Bx Inflator has a special Threaded Coupling that allows you to remove the Power Inflator Mechanism and attach the Inflator Hose to a Standard Garden Hose. This unique feature allows you to Fully Flush-Out the Entire Bladder with clean fresh water removing Salt, Sand or other Contaminates that can cause wear and deterioration of the Inner Bladder. This BC can be called the ultimate travel rig for any type of diving. Take it to the islands for lightweight reef and fun diving or explore the deep holes and ledges that require technical gear and twin cylinders. Deluxe Harnesses BCD Version: The Express Tec Deluxe includes all of the features from the standard Express Tech plus: - The D

UPC: 882689101540

EAN: 0882689101540

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